This trouble shooting chart is only a guide and does not cover every configuration developed. For accurate troubleshooting please contact the trained technicians in the AdPro service department.


Probable Causes


Cranks slowly 1. Low battery.

2. Bad battery connection.

3. Load connected.

1. Check battery fluid level and/or battery charger failure.

2. Clean and tighten all battery cable connections.

3. Disconnect load before starting.

Cranks but won’t start 1. Low fuel.

2. Fuel supply shutoff valve closed.

3. Loss of fuel prime

4. Low oil level.

1. Add fuel.

2. Fully open fuel supply valve.

3. Prime fuel system.

4. Add oil.

Exhausting black smoke 1. Dirty air filter.

2. Engine tune up required.

1. Replace air filter.

2. Contact AdPro Service and Parts.

Unit runs then stops, or stops after starting briefly 1. Low fuel.

2. Low oil level.

3. Excess oil.

4. Loss of fuel prime

1. Add fuel.

2. Add oil.

3. Reduce engine oil level

4. Prime fuel system

Unit starts and runs, then stops when the start switch is released 1. Low fluid levels.

2. Possible overheating.

3. Other functional problem.

4. No AC output.

1. Check and bring all fluid levels up to the appropriate levels.

2. Check for blocked air flow or other possible causes of overheating.

3. Contact AdPro Service and Parts.

Unit runs then surges 1. Control fuses blown

2. Defective wiring, or control components.

3. Governor out of adjustment.

4. Air in fuel system

1. Replace control fuses with correct voltage and amperage rating

2. Contact AdPro Service and Parts.

3. Contact AdPro Service and Parts.

4. Prime fuel system

Circuit breaker trips 1. Overloaded circuit.

2. Shunt trip activated

1. Turn off some of the electrical load, and reset the circuit breaker.

2. Inspect generator for fault codes

Load not transferring 1. Transfer switch did not transfer

2. Load did not transfer back to commercial power

1. Manually transfer switch if possible

2. Contact AdPro Service and Parts.