Power Failure

What happens when your power fails?
When your commercial power fails, your Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) sends a signal to your generator for it to start. Once the generator starts and is running your ATS, in turn, senses the Voltage and Frequency to ensure they are within limits. After the readings are within limits the Automatic Transfer switch changes your input power from commercial to generator. Your generator is now supporting all functions to your facility wired through the emergency power panel. This will continue until your commercial power is restored or a fault occurs in the generator. Any fault occurring in your generator will give you a fault code in the generator control panel. This is normally where you would identify your fault and assist you in restoring of your generator to running status. Should your commercial power come back on, the generator will continue to support your facility until the commercial power stays on for a pre determined amount of time. Once the time constraint has been met, your ATS will transfer to commercial power and continue running your generator for cool down purposes. After cool down your generator will shutdown and you are back to normal. This trouble shooting chart is only a guide and does not cover every configuration developed. For accurate troubleshooting please contact the trained technicians in the AdPro service department.